When Emily Went to Italy

When: July 6, 2011 - July 9, 2011
Where we stayed: Domus Pacis Torre Rossa Park  (Now known as The Church Village)---it's kinda outdated at that time, but the place gave off a fascinating vibes to me!

We cannot find any waking tours from Sandeman in Rome at that time, so we decided to book a two day tours from Viator to thoroughly enjoy our short stay in Italy.
  • Vatican Tour--- Our July 7, 2011 activity
  • Pompeii Tour ---  July 8, 2011 Meeting place: Centre of Piazza del Popolo @ 7:15 am.

Rome's Metro Map
St. Peter Basilica
The Sun rays adding to the "Holy" mood!
View of Mt. Vesuvius from the ruins of Pompeii

On our way to the Coliseum

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