When Emily Dined in Manila

(Disclaimer: Not safe for Dieters!)

Isn't it sweet when the love of your life visits your country of birth to get to know more about you, and the world that shaped your views? 
The plan to visit Manila was already set a few years back, after our week long New York trip, the traveller in us felt that we found a true travel buddy with each other, the next country should be out of the continent. I suggested to my 🐻 that he should visit the Philippines, without hesitation at all, he excitedly agreed.
Ensaymada and hot chocolate in Mary Grace CafeMetro Manila doesn't have an ideal "beauty" to boast for when it comes to international stage. My country is still trying to work with her insecurities, the capital region reflects that. The Philippines is lovely, but she needs to learn how to respect herself more, be refined and project herself gracefully. 
But the thing is I love Metro Manila, she's open to many cultures---food-wise, my home introduced me to different cuisines from Chinese, Spanish, American, Japanese, Arab, Korean and many more. I believe this what I inherited  from her, being the daughter of Manila (and born on Manila Day too), the love of exploring the cuisine from different countries.


One of the most memorable dining experience in Metro Manila I've shared with my 🐻is the "Paluto / Dampa style dining".
The main characteristics of dampapaluto places are the presence of wet markets  that sell fresh (usually) seafood and vegetables, then different restaurants nearby where you can go and request to cook (paluto) your catch according to the restaurant's style or your preference for a fee.
Seaside Dampa entrance sign in Macapagal BoulevardThere are several places in the Philippines that offers this kind of dining experience, one of the most well known in Seaside Dampa in Macapagal Boulevard. Depends who you ask, visiting this place has mix negative but generally positive experiences,  one must take their haggling skills to the next level with touch of friendliness--a key to success in any dampa dining.

The result of our wet market shopping effort was unforgettable, we enjoyed our "paluto" from Royal Kitchen. Though my 🐻 is not a big fan of seafood, he enjoyed the whole experience!
buttered shrimp

Dampa- a term loosely used that describe roughly built hut - it signifies humble home, not fancy but comfortable and welcoming.
Paluto - request to be cooked.

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