Themed Afternoon Tea Notch 8 And Trump Champagne Lounge

After I realized that I have been to several tea parlours around Metro Vancouver, I have acknowledged that I have acquired an afternoon tea bug. Whenever we go out of town, I sometimes make sure that I should go for one; a bonus experience if I can find a tea parlour that does afternoon tea with their cultural twist. In regards, of adding a cultural twist in an afternoon tea, I am very disappointed that I missed the opportunity to experience the afternoon tea-Filipino style at Marco Polo Davao during my Davao 2017 trip, It would be very interesting on how Filipino cuisine could be presented in an afternoon tea. It's something that I am going to search for the next time I visit the Philippines.

Notch 8

Themed afternoon tea is another trend that's been going around. My introduction to themed tea time was from Notch 8's Enchanted Forest Afternoon Tea. Arrived with our empty bellies and plenty of stories to share, my amigas and I decided to meet up to indulge in fairyland. After meeting each other in Hotel Vancouver's lobby, we all together checked in to the cafe, and we were led to the section of Notch 8's that was transformed into a lush magical place.

Our 'enchanted' edibles were neatly arranged on a layered log tray. The presence of the 'toadstools' (meringue with chocolate glaze) on the tray added to a 'forest-y' mood.

Unfortunately, the excitement of being with my amigas prevent me from taking decent photos of our afternoon tea. Safe to say that we relished every tidbit and every second at those moments, before we know it, it's time for us to go as they limit their guests' stay for one and half hour.
Enchanted Forest Afternoon Tea

Trump Champagne Lounge

One snowy afternoon, my sister and I, met up to try Trump Vancouver's take on afternoon tea. We booked it a few days earlier without any idea what that day has a surprise for us. We headed to Trump Champagne Lounge ignored the snowstorm warning to satisfy our curiosity.
Little did we know, they were doing a 'Beauty and the Beast' (Tale as old as time) themed afternoon tea. I remembered being in a cloud 9 as I was on my way to the theatre to watch it when I was young. Now a mother to a baby girl, I am looking forward the day I will read books to her every night and Beauty and the Beast will be one of them.

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