"Anything Can Be Solved Over A Stack Of Pancakes."

Emily's Denny's brunch
Early morning meditation with Denny's wisdom.
"Anything can be solved over a stack of pancakes." --- I think i have a new mantra, thank you Denny's.

When we are feel like going out for brunch but not in a mood for indie brunch place; Denny's is usually the place to go for me and my 🐻.

For some reason i really love their pancakes, they are fluffier than one of their main competitor and i love their occasional featured flavour.

I had a birthday slam from Denny's last year, and that's the best slam ever!

Here's another photo of our brunch in the same Denny's branch, and there are times that i just didn't take photos of my Denny's meal at all, i know deep inside that meal would not be my last...

There's plenty of great brunch places here in Vancouver, but Denny's successfully managed to keep me coming back. I guess that's the power of their stack of pancakes...

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