Ever Growing Stamp Collection

Stamps needing my attention.

I like stamps, i used to love them, but i still collect some of them.

My affair with stamps started when  i was in my preteen back in Manila and discovered my paternal grandfather's collection.

I decided to continue it but also unknowingly damage some of it, with life's constant change and numerous distractions,  my collection became an on and and off part of my life.

Where are they now?

They are still kept in a secure place in my apartment, not collecting dust but still being appreciated.
Though i am not an avid collector of postage stamps, i still appreciate these miniature piece of souvenir from other parts of the world, see the sentimental value and still gladly accept them when someone gave them to me as a present or pasalubong.

(*Pasalubong) Present from my sister
Another pasalubong from sister's recent trip.

The future of these beauties is still uncertain, aside purchasing several albums more, i am trying to find other ways to display them uniquely.


  1. I love this! Very sentimental and creative :)

    1. Thank you very much Bella! Looking forward to share more posts about my other collection in the future and will also write any updates by stamp collection as well. :)


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