Escape to Nacpan Beach

Most girls dream of a romantic proposal. Imagine yourself being on a quiet beach, with white sand, and clear blue waters somewhere in a faraway exotic land.

That's Nacpan Beach where we spent our Valentine's Day 2017 away from the busy El Nido town.
Nacpan Beach Palawan
Nacpan Beach

Going to Nacpan Beach?

One must have to endure one hell of a bumpy ride going to Nacpan. During that time there were few modes of transportation to reach it:
Emily with coconut water Escape to Nacpan Beach
Beach bum for a day with my fresh coconut water
  • renting a scooter (lucky if you have one)
  • tricycle which will wait for you as long as you want to stay there  (Philippine Tuk-tuk)
  • book a tour van
  • and part of the Tour E-package (Inland Tour)

Half of the road going there was not paved as Palawan Island, in general, is still undeveloped, so there's limited accessibility going around.

Sounds like another adventure to us,ᕕ༼⌐■-■༽ᕗ We decided to be beach bums for a day after the action-packed Tour-A Island hopping package the day before.

I highly recommend that you do your research when you decide to use the service of tricycles for their pricing is quite odd, if you can haggle for a better price, good, we paid P1,500.

The commute was quite rocky, it's a uniquely interesting experience for someone who has never been had a tricycle ride, the uncomfortable ride is semi-compensated by several views of the charming sight of rice paddies, they're so nice to look at that few tourists would stop their scooters to take photos, for sure the carabaos and the farmers were having a celebrity moment!

Entrance Fee Ticket in Nacpan Beach
Entrance fee to Nacpan
After the long bumpy and dusty tricycle ride, we were greeted with a long stretch of white sand, clear blue waters, and less crowd, there are few small business establishments so it's quite peaceful. Perfect for a laid-back Valentine's celebration.

According to my research online, walk a bit farther from the crowd as there are more huts that can be rented, so we walked away from the Twin Beach part of Nacpan; eventually, we found ourselves on the quieter side of the beach.

I asked the lady who seems to be the person in charge of the huts, I explained that I am not staying overnight but for a few hours, to my surprise, she allowed me to use one empty hut's patio for free! She also cooks lunch for P180.00, and sells fresh coconut water for P60.00.

Huts for rent in Nacpan Beach

Being so grateful for letting me use one of her huts for free, there's not much shade along the way and there are no other places to grab food nearby, I decided to give her our business, or else me and 🐻 would be having so much of that unwanted painful tan.

Now the Proposal

We've been talking about weddings, and having a family for quite some time and I have expressed to my dear 🐻 that I don't really like the sudden and public proposal. I feel more empowered when I am involved in this life-changing event. I came from a culture where couples decide together when they want to get married (though some couples are catching up with popping the question style).

Our view when he popped the question
While sitting on our lounge chairs, in front of our hut enjoying the breeze, talking about how lucky we were to find a spot on a long beach, then my Dear Teddy Bear held my hand and asked me, if I want to marry him.

I guess the North American in him still wants to pop the question...

"Of course, I will marry you! We've been talking about it!"---my unromantic but elated reply!

On Valentine's day, we were in one of the most beautiful places in the world, a semi-empty long beach, while enjoying fresh coconut juice, we were engaged.

Our first meal as an engaged couple, for less than $5.00 (Cad):

Ginisang Hipon (Sauteed Shrimps) and Inihaw na Puisit (Grilled Squid) with rice
And this is our view:

Chilling in our hut while enjoying our lunch
Aside from the mysterious pricing system of the tricycle drivers, other things to watch out for when you decide to visit Nacpan Beach:
  • When the strong wind blows, sand hits you, so better protect your eyes!
  • Not that much shade, be generous when you apply sunblock lotion
  • It can get really hot, bring water
  • The current can be unpredictable, stay near the shore
  • Other tourists reported sandflies, though we were not bitten, just be aware of it, bring insect repellent.
Planning for the wedding began when we got back in Vancouver. Stay tuned for the next posts as I blog about my busy 2017!
Emily's Pink Sapphire Engagement Ring Minichiello Jewellers
My beautiful pink sapphire engagement ring from Minichiello Jewellers

-Life is great! ヽ(⌐■_■)ノ♪♬


  1. Congratulations on getting engaged! And what a very nice view you would have had at the special moment

    1. Thank you :) Oria, i apologized for the late acknowledgement

  2. What a lovely place to propose! Congratulation! Enjoy every moment. I just got married 1.5 months IS good! ❤

    1. Thank you MissLacieMarie, i cherish every moment ;)

  3. What a romantic trip! Congrats! Wish you both lots all the best !

    1. Thank you Altea, it's a special trip for us. You have a great blog!


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