Two Birthdays And A Wedding

"I am very sure Canada as a Cancerian is a very caring country, she welcomes everybody with open arms, encourage their growth, watch over her people's well being...."

Vegan cake
Vegan strawberry vanilla cake

<---this is a very beautiful strawberry vanilla cake from Edible Flours, unfortunately because of extreme warm weather during its transport it kinda affected its presentation...😓

I made a promise to myself to not fear aging; I just turned 35 recently.

The same age of the lead character of one of my most favourite TV series to watch back when I was in Manila. The show is about the complicated and exciting personal lives of four ladies in the big city in the States, the lead character is a writer, has a weekly column, and loves her designer shoes, but she doesn't seem happy.

At the age of 35, my love life is something I wish for everybody to have: sweet, uncomplicated and hopefully lasting, our wedding is coming this November. My favourite accessories are my shawls and I'm looking forward to the time where I am going to have a few designer shoes. I don't have a weekly column, but WEGO is where I share all of my joyful experiences in my travels and my life here in a Vancouver. 

Paper bags of goodies
My special birthday tea & birthday specials from The Body Shop
It's quite unfortunate that there is lack of appreciation for getting older. We generally dread it. When we were kids, we all look forward for our birthdays, then once we become adults, we eventually stop mentioning our age and we never mentioned our birthdays at all.

Our reasons are understandable. 

I am trying to change the way I think about aging. I figured that it would be better to start earlier by welcoming each number as another friend; a friend that will tell you that more good things are coming.

Seafood Pasta
My birthday dinner in Joe Fortes

How did Emily celebrated her Birthday?

When Emily Goes Out is all about celebrating my life experiences. Working on my blog is a celebration, my happiness and my way to constantly remind myself that there is something to be rejoiced about. 

WEGO is still 6 months young and there still so much to learn on how to be a better blogger; but to my delight, my blog was recognized by fellow blogger a few weeks ago! I went out to treat myself a little and inspired me to keep on blogging even though life has become a bit more hectic

Last Day Of Being 34 

The day before my big day I booked a nice afternoon tea in Pâtisserie Für Elise with my sister, as we are both fan of afternoon or high tea. 

Afternoon Tea
Layers of goodness!

Heritage House Vancouver
Cute house in the city 💖

<---This house has been in Vancouver
since 1893!

I had Darjeeling tea to paired it with this --->
and also came with quiche

Entering Pâtisserie Für Elise is like being transported to a different time! The venue is a Queen Anne style heritage house, with all things pink and girly interiors.
La vie en Rose! 💓

After our afternoon tea bonding time, my sister brought me one of their flavoured loose leaf tea (Crème Brûlée) as a treat. Feeling guilty after the treats we spent the night walking around Downton Vancouver, and took advantage my birthday discount from The Body Shop.  

It was a great day, why not celebrate now when technically it's already my birthday in Manila!

Enter 35

And on the big day, my dear 🐻 planned everything, he kept it as a surprise! I was spoiled by my dear 🐻 by buying me a nice purse for my everyday use, which i received several complements!
We went out for a walking tour around Downtown Vancouver, and get to know the early history of the city's red light district. I have already been to others walking tours in Vancouver, and i enjoy every single one of them, I find it very educational and i appreciate the visual and sometimes interactive aspect of it while listening to the stories of the tour guides about certain places.

My fiancé knows that I love seafood especially oysters that he brought me to Joe Fortes for dinner, and their Lobster Oil--it is something to die for and it's not safe for dieters!
I indulged myself with oysters, by ordering the fried and raw oysters; the raw one for myself and the fried oysters to share with my dear fiancé. Oysters is one of the food that he finds threatening as he is not a big fan of seafoods. (but i kinda make him learn to eat sashimi though...)

Joe Fortes lobster oil
Joe Forte's complementary bread and Lobster Oil 
Raw and fried oysters
Raw and Fried Oysters for me to enjoy! 
...and oh  I got myself a free drink from Starbucks!...and i will write something about my Starbucks experience really soon...

Starbucks Frappuccino
Free frappuccino from Starbucks

35 And Onwards

The following day was spent with the rest of my family where we enjoyed great conversations about wedding plans over scrumptious dim sums.
Dinesty Metrotown is the meeting place. Thanks by my dear sister's pro activeness, she was able to reserve the opening spot for us, and get to get there before it gets uber busy.
We arrived on the opening time, and greeted by the lobby's stylish presentation.
Dinesty lobby Burnaby
Tea Pots! Tea Pots! Lots of Tea Pots!

It's also quite spacious inside, being the one of the first group to come in, we witnessed how the big empty space eventually filled with other diners usually big family in groups. 

Glass ceilings Dinesty
Mirror ceilings, that's sexy😍
Pork shaomai Dinesty Burnaby
Pork Shaomai
We went straight to my mom's place to enjoy my vegan birthday cake bought from Edible Flours. This is the first time having a vegan cake, and i am pleased that to know that it's also yummy!

I got everything to thank for, being 35 is not bad after all! Looking for more than 35 years to come, then wow I will be 70, a fabulous 70 year old Emily😊

Canada 150

Canada Flag
We tried to put a flag to display on our balcony...

Canada has turned 150. It's nice to think that if Canada is a person, both of us will be sharing the same zodiac sign. I am very sure Canada as a Cancerian is a very caring country, she welcomes everybody with open arms, encourage their growth, watch over her people's well being and I am very thankful to be a Canadian.

Fireworks shows were everywhere, and there's something for everybody. My dear 🐻set up my GoPro to get a time lapse of the mini fireworks show happening near our area. Hopefully soon i manage to figure out how to edit videos, i might able to post some cool videos here in my blog!

Happy Birthday Canada! You are a young and beautiful country facing a lot of great possibilities.


  1. Hey, that’s super fantastic post. I am sure you enjoyed all these events to the fullest. I am just so pleased to have these details here. Anyways, we also would be attending a garden themed wedding party in the next month at one of the best event venues in Los Angeles. Hoping to have a great time over there.

    1. Hey, thanks for stopping by...just got married recently too ;)


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