Tea Time in H Tasting Lounge

It has been planned a few months earlier, right after our afternoon tea at Trump Vancouver on one snowy weekend. We have decided that the next tea salon to visit will be the H Tasting Lounge of Westin Bayshore.

Aircraft illustration on the menu cover
H Tasting Lounge is still new to the afternoon tea scene of Vancouver, but it seems it has everything to match other tea salons in all Metro Vancouver could offer.
Live music was playing a favourite song as we were led to our seat, hinting that this experience will be different than others. The weather was lovely, and to our luck, we were seated beside the floor to ceiling window so we were able to see outdoors. The tea menu was presented to us, they carry the same brand of Tea as L' Orangerie's. While waiting for our tea set to arrive, my sister and I savoured the live music as we admired the H Tasting Lounge's interiors. The whole soul of the lounge pays honour of Westin's one-time resident - Howard Hughes.  

The menu has an illustration of an aircraft on the outside and a quote from the man, who was an aircraft enthusiast and a pilot himself: 

These were the unique experiences we had on this occasion: it's our first time having a candy floss, very nicely perched on the silvery trunk to form a pink tree. The whole tea set was presented in four sets - the Ferris wheel tray for the savouries, a glass box for the sweets, a plate for the scones, and the whatsitsname for the candy floss that formed into a tree and underneath it rest the confiture and butter for the scones. No tiered tray and still fab - big plus having a crooner with a seductive voice as background music!

Afternoon tea set

Ferris wheel tray - Learn the art of balancing act ೕ(•̀ᴗ•́)

As for our favourites: Pork bao and the steamed bun with salty yolk filling. The menu at that time seems to have a good mix of the typical afternoon tea fare - scones, cucumber sandwich, with Eastern touch. I am looking forward coming to H Tasting Lounge when they have their own themed afternoon tea in the near future and perhaps get myself a cocktail too. ( ͝° ͜ʖ͡°)つY


  1. The ferris wheel tray is SO adorable! I love it! I keep talking about taking my husband out to the west coast as he's never been, so if we're in Vancouver we will have to check this place out.


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