Emily Is Still Going Out!

If you happen to follow my mis(adventures) in the world of blogging, you might probably notice my inactivity. I think most bloggers would be guilty of this at some point. Good thing that this is not my main source of income and for sure I don't have a following in the wide scary and crazy world of the internet, there's no risk of breaking someone's heart (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و
Conchaboy, The Labrador Retriever
When Emily goes out with Concha

But then, the yearning to share my thoughts somewhere is still with me. My lame but valid excuse ---" life happens". No, I don't blame life; I created life and take care of lives, parenting is a very challenging calling... It's fun, scary, frustrating, rewarding and oh it's damn hard for the most part. 

Little tree and Ceramic Hut
Speaking of life, we are still going through this devasting effect of the virus. I personally know some people who have contracted it, and we all lost loved ones because of it... Everybody's lives were affected in so many ways, that it made me reflect more on life in general, it made me focus more on what is really important and along this journey found new hobbies. Now having my daughter, my priority is her, I want to make time for her, and hopefully, share some of my hobbies with her, I also want to spend my time with my dear husband 🐻 and my black Labrador Retriever Conchaboy

One of the main results of the lockdowns and health orders was re-igniting my interest in gardening, I don't boast of having a green thumb but I am motivated in creating a beautiful space for my daughter and Conchaboy where they can hang out and have fun. 

I am planning to add more about gardening projects in the near future and might probably tweak a little in WEGO; as for eating out, I still go and enjoy some of the cool yummy places in the Vancouver area, there's more to come here in WEGO, hopefully, add food content soon! (•̀o•́)ง

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