Back in Japan ヾ(o✪‿✪o)シ

Shinjuku lights
Before Marvel and DC superheroes I had Son Goku and Voltes 5 to rely on when planet Earth is in danger; my love affair with Japan started early, I remember my younger self wishing to visit Japan if the opportunity presented itself.

Then fast forward to 2018...

A year after our short visit to Narita and Shinjuku, me and 🐻 swore to each other that we will come back to spend more time and explore Japan. We were both hypnotized by Metropolitan Tokyo's crowded streets and flashing city lights, we really fell in love with how Japan balances modernization and old traditions.

There are plenty of Japanese restaurants in Metro Vancouver, and we regularly visit sushi restaurants in our area, I am proud to say that I converted my dear 🐻 into a sushi lover.  Even for a short trip, we aimed to dine in a sushi restaurant in Tokyo and we were very happy to find one in Shinjuku area - Kizuna Sushi.

Kizuna Sushi

clam soup

Tuna Sashimi

On March 9 - 21, Japan is our chosen destination for our honeymoon, and me and my dear 🐻, now my husband are looking forward to it; we have already ordered our JR Rail Pass, our sumo tickets, booked ourselves a night in a ryokan with onsen and so much more on our plans, we are now in the process of tweaking our itinerary and for sure it's going to be a busy but lot's fun trip!

Here's one photo of Godzilla greeting us in Shinjuku 
≧(´▽`)≦   ヾ(´▽`*;)ゝ”

Godzilla Head in Shinjuku
Godzilla head in Shinjuku

I guess my love affair with Japan goes on, this time I will be sharing it with my dear husband who is the biggest love of my life💕

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