First Time Kaiseki Dining

Kaiseki Dinner
Kaiseki Dinner

I used to be not a big fan of eating in smaller portions; the idea of the joy of eating has to be presented in a buffet style - the grab-all-you-can-eat type of setting -  the bigger, the better. Eventually, the excitement of looking at food in immense portions wore out, and the foodie in me started to crave a wider gastronomic experience.

'Kaiseki' dining is a must experience for every foodie, this opportunity came when I and dear 🐻booked a Ryokan for a honeymoon trip in Japan. Being pregnant at that time and having had a myriad of food to avoid as advised by my physician, the thought of kaiseki dining had made me worried; will the raw fish be safe? can I have a sip of their wine? and will my dear 🐻enjoy it?... Ignoring the voices in my head, I proceeded...with a touch of caution, it's only for one night.
Kaiseki Menu

The dining room boasts a panoramic view of their property's garden. We were very lucky to have the window seat to admire the view. The view was not visible during nighttime, but the vision on the table is worth admiring. When the menu of the dinner was handed, I noticed that my dearest 🐻 showed a sign of being intimidated, he was out of his comfort zone, food-wise. Knowing I have the solution for this challenge, I need to ask permission from the fragile blueberry-sized human inside me, I whispered "be strong...I have to eat some of this seafood with a possible few drops of mercury that can possibly harm you...most likely not, you have a portion of my durable cells!" --- for sure pregnant Japanese women have been eating raw fish for years and their life expectancy is one of the longest!

Menu March 2018



Plum Wine Produced in Wakayama Prefecture, Japan


Tofu Flavoured Fukinoto* And Sesame

With Salmon Egg, Flower of Shiso, Wasabi,

Bamboo Shoot, Shrimp, Fried Fukinoto

*Fukinoto: Japanese Butter Scape


Chicken Soup with Bun of Tofu, Kelp, Ginger


Daily’s Special

Shiso leaf (Japanese Herb), White Seaweed, Wasabi

*8 Assorted Dish

Jellied Monkfish / Wasabi Flower / Boiled Herring/

Shrimp Norimaki (A kind of sushi) /

Boiled Beans and Squid / Pickled Japanese Ginger / 

Mille feuille of Bread and Salmon /

Beef, Mitsura & Pine Nuts Dressed with Miso Sauce

*Stewed Dish*

Local Odawara Chicken, Turnip,

Red Konjac & Canola Flower

If you like, dip ingredients into citrus soy sauce,

Green onion and spicy radish.

*Fried Dish*

Fried Local Ashigara Beef and Vegetables

With Curry sauce, Grated Cheese,

Tomato, Green Pepper

*Shimmered Dish*

Yellowtail Flavored Arimani*

*Arimani: Flavor of Boiled Soy Sauce,

Sake & Japanese Green Pepper


*Miso Soup*

*Japanese Pickles*


“Setoka” Premium Mandarine Orange & Strawberry

The whole thing sounds so foreign to both of us, but I immensely enjoyed the whole experience, I just wished that there will be more of this in my future dining experience.
Sashimi Course
Sashimi Part of the Menu

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