My Retail Therapy

My love affair for variety (dollar) stores started way from my early years in Canada (mid-2000s). The neighborhood's dollar store was my first therapy to fend off homesickness and where I spent my initial "splurges" from my humble paycheques. One of my little splurges was a set of wooden decorative balls; I remember gifting my mom a few of them a while back. 
Decorative wooden balls
My greatest find in Dollar Store

I have expressed my love for them in my old defunct blog which I am planning to write a new post about in the future.) | ू*꒦ິ꒳꒦ີ)。oO

Then, one day, I happen to visit a local 100-Yen shop in Vancouver and my mind was blown away by the cuteness of everything they carry б(>ε<)∂
100 Yen rice bowls
100 Yen rice bowls
Back then I really like the idea of making unique pots, 100-Yen stores have become the main source of
inspo and new materials.
During the lockdowns when I was finally able to materialize my ideas, after watching several youtube tutorials, my patio now is filled with Asian bowls and teacups. 

Dog garden ornament
100 yen garden ornament
I don't want to say that my love for dollar stores has faded, I admit that I no longer visit them as much as before, my preference lately are the 100-Yen stores, they are now expanding to other cities lately, but my greatest finds from dollar store shopping was still the set of wooden balls that I now proudly display in my back yard. I cannot find them in any dollar stores anymore, but luckily my mom returned the wooden balls to me as she doesn't share my aesthetic taste, so lucky me! !(•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑ 

I still get homesick once in a while, and when my body is urging me to go for (retail) therapy, there is that place that gives me the feeling of coming back home...

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