Final Dine Out

This is a solemn post.
Anthony Bourdain Travel Quote

Short and brief.

I am compelled to express my grief on the passing of a person I look up to, a man that is very much admired and respected in his field.
We are not related, and never met in person but his stories and adventures validated my belief that the appreciation of food can bridge cultural gap, he convinced me not to be ashamed to love food and it should be the first thing to try when visiting a new place. Because of him, there is When Emily Goes Out!

Anthony Bourdain, thank you very much for opening my eyes to the beauty in the unsophisticated and joy of savouring the bizarre. I am sending your family my love and healing thoughts, hope that peace and joy will find you in your next destination.

Anthony Bourdain Dining Out Quote


  1. This makes me want to cry! I'm so glad that he inspired you to start your blog and explore the world with your tastebuds. He will be greatly missed in our world.

  2. It's so nice yo be inspired by something unique as this! I love the path you dared to thread on.

  3. Anthony Bourdain was a great story teller... His legacy will live for ever.

  4. It was so sad to here we lost such a talents person! It goes to show you that fame and money don't always make you happy. You never really know what is going on in someones life

  5. Same as you I love Anthony Bourdain has been following his career for years even had the chance to meet him in person, I am devastated with his passing.

  6. I just hope that there others like him that can inspire people

  7. I'm so glad that he inspired you to start your blog and I am so sorry about his passing x

  8. It is unfortunate that he passed away.


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