My Concha...sweet, sweet Concha!

Disclaimer: Contains canine nudity (U^ω^)

We just welcomed a new member of our family; he is very affectionate, has very good temperament, well socialized, handsome black male Labrador Retriever puppy. We decided to call him Concha from the popular sweet bun of Latin America.

Black Labrador Retriever
My first pro photo shoot by Georgia Corbett

Labrador Retriever in colour pencil
A vision board from the past!
I've been in love with Concha's breed for so long. It blossomed when I stumbled on a Franklin Mint ad featuring a porcelain plate with an illustration of two black Labrador Retriever puppies, one of the puppy seems to be chewing a toy duck, in an old Reader's Digest magazine. The pups' faces on the plate were captivating; those soulful and loving gazes convinced me that this is the breed for me.
Labrador Retriever is my chosen subject in one of my projects during my time in the art school, I put all of my love rendering it that it earned me the highest grade from my art instructor.
Concha's breed gravitates towards bodies of water, very affectionate and very food oriented! --- sounds like me! From then on, the dream of welcoming a black Labrador Retriever in my life started with a promise to my future pooch that I will do the best I could to provide a loving forever home, a dog could have.
That day arrived one week after my husband's birthday; he flew back in Alberta to pick him up from the breeder after setting up an appointment with them few months prior.

Concha's last glimpse of the Prairie
Bye Alberta!

Life with our Concha is not always easy, It requires hands-on training, tons of patience to make sure Concha grows into a healthy, happy and well-behaved dog. Our schedules and space adjusted to accommodate his needs, from waking up earlier for his first 'potty of the day, puppy proofing our home, not being upset when he chews on our possessions, being understanding when 'accidents' happen and welcoming all the adjustments as his needs and quirks continuously change.

We also have several rewarding moments in our lives, such as every time we witness Concha's progress, and whenever we received (plenty of) compliments on how well behaved and beautiful he is; our hearts brimming with pride. He is enriching our lives in so many ways by constantly teaching us to appreciate being in the moment and experiencing to be loved and cared for by a pet; we teach him tricks, he loves us back unconditionally.

Concha the Sweetbun

Concha Bun
Pamola Bakery's Concha
Its not the first time I have mentioned about the sweet buns that stole my heart - Concha and the Japanese equivalent - Melon pan; my favourite Japanese bakery in Vancouver add mochi in their Melon pan, adding a rich sticky filling in its pillowy texture!
My husband introduced me to Concha, a sweet bun crowned beautifully with a crusty mixture of flour, sugar and shortening, one of the best buns to dip in hot chocolate or coffee that makes me look forward to breakfast. The same feeling our Concha has for us every morning, greeting us happy with his tail wagging and rolling on his back asking for a belly rubs - every day my Concha steals my heart.

Melonpan with mochi
Melonpan with mochi filled chocolate cream 💓

To record all of our joyful Concha times as much as we could, an Instagram account was set up just for him.

Five month old Black Labrador Retriver
Concha asking for belly rubs ;)

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