Cruising? Are you on board?

Cruising is not for everybody, from someone who loves being in the water or anything seascape, I understand how uncomfortable it would be if Mother nature decides to rock our watery cradle as we sleep---not fun at all. But all the amenities and activities on the ship help to alleviate your insecurities in traveling the waters.
Deck of Pacific Princess
I am grateful to have experience cruising from my previous job. My Alaskan cruise left me with great experiences one of them is i get to participate in a champagne fountain, and the great deals in the ship's stores helped to jump-start my other hobby: Collecting crystal figurines (Photos will follow up soon).
Here are some of my photos from my trip in the Alaska cruise via Princess Cruises.

Greetings from Skagway
Servers, chef,s, and cooks doing their presentation, for our last night of cruising
Passing through the Great Glaciers
Ketchikan, Alaska
Bye Ketchikan!

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