(My) Mon Paris in Burnaby

Eiffel Tower
I consider Paris one of my favourite cities, and she probably has a piece of my heart. I remember summer 2011, when my sister and I visited Paris.

Late last year, while walking around the neighbourhood, I passed a place that has a potential spot among my “favourites”; I noticed the illustration of an Eiffel Tower with a heart on it as a logo —it send a message to me clearly, the logo is something I can relate to, the love of the city of Paris; then there’s the word “pastries” - now that’s the magic word! But the sign also said: Coming Soon—that got me curious and swore that I will come back once this place is ready.

When Emily comes back:

We were in the early steps of wedding preparations: there’s checking of venues, searching for possible caterers, and recently checked a place where we were considered for our wedding favours. There are a lot of things going on that I forgot about the heart of the Eiffel Tower logo.

One rainy Friday afternoon, my other partner in indulgence, my sister decided to meet up. She mentioned this new bakery that she wanted to try out - - -Mon Paris

The place with the heart on the Eiffel Tower logo! I didn’t really see the whole name the first time I passed by it. I am thankful she mentioned this place and I was so excited to finally have the chance to try it!
cheesecake and st. honore
Our first order from Mon Paris

Inside Mon Paris we were greeted by the decadent displays of chocolate Easter eggs, croissants, and other pastries. 

We were completely hypnotized by all the goodies, they are all talking to us: “try me, buy me, try me…”, it is a small place and we felt the only unoccupied table will be gone as soon another customer shows up, so we grabbed the table and proceeded to order right away.

Easter  egg chocolates
Easter chocolate special

Warning!!! Not safe for dieters!!! (NSFD)

We both ordered London Fogs for a drink; it has a few pieces of lavender floating which we found cute; we had a hard time deciding which sweets to order with our tea as they all looked tempting! 

While ordering I kept glancing at the display of the rows of the colourful chocolates beside me; they all looked elegant. 

Row of chocolates
Mon Paris chocolates

That’s when I decided to choose Mon Paris chocolates for my wedding favours! My sister seems to think that it’s a great idea and volunteered to cover the wedding favours as her wedding gift for me. 
The owner of Mon Paris Chef Elena Krasnova, was present at that time, my sister and I discussed with her that we were very interested in ordering boxes of chocolates for my upcoming wedding.

We were absolutely impressed with our orders; the presentation is sophisticated, the taste not too sweet; Chef Elena mastered creating masterpieces by blending all the different flavours and textures.

St. Honore
St. Honore

Mon Paris Strawberry cheesecake
Strawberry Cheesecake

Enjoying our dessert I thought about grabbing several pieces of Mon Paris goodies for my teddy bear’s upcoming birthday, but I can’t wait for a few more weeks so before we left, I grabbed a box nine of chocolates for my 🐻 to enjoy.

Happy Birthday 🐻

Carmelita, Strawberry and cottage cheese tart, spanish latte and london fog
Tarts for the second time
Two weeks later, I came back as I promised to spoil my dear 🐻 with some more Mon Paris goodies. 
I met up with my sister again for another round of treats, this time we both had tarts.

Carmelita and Canele
Caramelia and Canele

Hers: strawberry and sour cream tart and London Fog (above left) and mine: Caramelia it has mini mocha-like filled creampuffs on top and caramelized apple tart for the bottom and also grabbed a Canele (above right)
Like our first visit, Chef Elena’s treats left us with a big wow, being trained in Paris, she knows her pastries well. (´ε`*)

Carmelitas with bite
Hmmm...so good!
For my 🐻 who fills my life with so much love and sweetness, I bought him three different slices of cake, butter croissant and chocolate croissant.

Mon Paris Cakes
Sweets for the most sweetest man

For sure Mon Paris will be one of the places where we will be coming back regularly. The menu changes every season, so there’s always something different to look forward to. 


My dear 🐻 gave his approval for the chocolates; I can’t wait to have them as my wedding favours, they’re so pretty to look at and yummy too! 

Chocolate croissant and capuccino
Birthday 🐻 breakfast

Can't wait to order these beauties for my upcoming wedding!


  1. Anonymous8:09 PM

    Seems yummy ....share the receipes of the eatables....I am far from you ...Want to try

    1. Hello, unfortunately, i don't have the recipe for those goodies...would be nice to know how to make them ;)

  2. Oh my gosh these look amazing. I have sweet tooth so the pictures are definitely vibrant and they look yum. It's always great to share your food indulgence from your trip :)

    1. Thanks Alyn, i have tons of photos of food, and they have good memories that comes with it...thanks for stopping by in my blog :)

  3. Wow...this just confirmed that I need to visit Paris. All of those beautiful photos are amazing. Now I'm hungry ;)

    1. You have to Mindy! I highly recommend it ;), Thanks for stopping by

  4. YUM! it all looks so good! We are also planning a wedding and those will be perfect as favours! The strawberry cheesecake got my mouth watering!

    1. Hi Charli, yea, i think edibles are the best as wedding favours, and the chocolate are not just yummy, they look elegant too! Thanks for the comment :)

  5. If there's one place I'd wish to visit, it's definitely Paris. I'm very much interested with the place and the culture. Thanks for sharing.

    1. It's definitely worth it ;), thanks for stopping by

  6. Everything looks very delicious. I envy those you can eat whatever they want as I am allergic to almost everything. My last time in Paris wasn't so great and while I want to revise to due it justice, I won't be able to wine and dine like the rest of them.

    1. aaawww...i am sorry to hear that...maybe next time you could compensate by enjoying more of the sceneries and culture. I hope that someday there is a drug that could magically cure allergies symptoms with no serious side effects, so whoever have food allergies will have a chance to enjoy any food...Thanks for commenting and thank you :)


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