Flying with ANA

ANA in YVR airport
Our plane approaching
All Nippon Airways claims to be the inspiration of Japan. If that's the case, I hope they are inspiring other airlines too.

I have flown back and forth between Philippines and Vancouver a couple of times and ANA is the first airline company that had me looking forward for my next flight.

All smiles service ANA attendants
ANA attendants
I am impressed with the quality of their service. ANA attendants seem to have a genuine grace and warm smiles as they serve the passengers, they were attentive and very organized and their flight meals are 👍.

We flew economy class this time and we are looking forward to the opportunity to fly business and first class in the near future. 

My flight with ANA economy class provided me a service that is more than I expected. 

I was in total heaven when I found lullabies and music-box-style tunes in their media selections--they read my mind--I need those kinds of music to combat my fear of turbulence😓.

We were provided with a bottle of water and a bag of rice crackers with mixed nuts as soon our airplane stabilized in the air, and this was followed by another round of refreshments in a few minutes. Then less than an hour after the second round of refreshments, our meals were served.

Meals from YVR to Tokyo (Haneda)

Flight meals dessert from yvr to haneda mario gelati
Gelato for dessert (above)
(right) baked beef patty and potatoes
edamame and tamagoyaki,
mac and cheese with salmon,
pickled vegetables
multigrain bun, butter and cream cheese.
flight meal all nippon airways

all nippon airways meal yvr to haneda
My Teddy Bear's meal.
Hot drinks are offered after the meal and the choices were: coffee, black tea, and green tea. I am glad that they make sure that passengers are hydrated during the long flights.

Our breakfast: (Beverages not shown)

flight meal breakfast all nippon airways
Yogurt, cheese in a multigrain bun and apple slices

My Narita to Manila flight meal:

all nippon airways meal from narita to manila
Beef Sukiyaki with tofu and egg slice, cold noodles (sauce provided), vegetable salad with soy and citrus sauce, and chocolate cake for dessert.

My Narita To San Francisco flight menu and meals:

ANA menu
ANA menu from Narita to San Francisco flight

All Nippon Airways Flight meal from Narita to San Francisco
Chicken and mashed potatoes with noodle, sliced fruit, vegetable salad and dinner roll with butter and cheese
All Nippon Airways Flight meal from Narita to San Francisco
Second option menu, mixed veggie and chicken on rice, cold noodles, macaroni with smoked salmon
All Nippon Airways Flight meal from Narita to San Francisco
Our breakfast before landing in San Francisco Airport: Pancake, egg, sausage, and broccoli with mixed fruit and yogurt

I encouraged my dear 🐻 to apply for loyalty miles in ANA by registering our miles from our 2017 trip. We are planning to go back to Japan someday and for sure we will be flying with ANA again.

ANA, you inspired me to travel more!

Few words from ANA's spokesperson 😃:


  1. Thanks for the advice, my sister is planning on going to Japan here shortly so I will have to have her read this.

    1. You're welcome McKayla, for a long flight i highly recommend booking a flight to an airline with a very good customer service. I had experience a not so good service with other airline in my previous long flight.

  2. I haven't flown in years, that food looks really good!

    1. Yep, so far they have the most decent plane food. Worth considering.

  3. Looks like a good flight! The food actullay looks pretty tasty!

    1. They are tasty and very generous with serving too! :)

  4. Thank you for sharing! I am a stickler when it comes to in flight food. :)

    1. They have very good food Keesha. And there's wine as well ;)

  5. I've never flown with ANA. Thanks for the info!

  6. Joy looks like a great flight!

    I just flew from Manila to Vancouver myself, then on to NYC. Fab flight with Philippine Airlines; we just ran into some kinda strong turbulence over the Pacific for an hour but hey, not their fault LOL.

    Thanks for the helpful share.


  7. So...I just flew ANA last week and I was served breakfast on the flight. I had the pancake and it was the most amazing thing, but I can't find any other pancake like it and I want to have it again. Do you know what it's called??

    1. HI Tatiana, unfortunately i do not have the information what it is called. But i remember that i really like their pancakes! Probably a Japanese style. It sounds like you had a pleasant experience with them. Cheers!


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