The Garden Café

My garden babies

The patio has evolved into a garden café is an ongoing project especially during spring and summer. 
The café is where I put all of my love, energy and where love is celebrated. It has been my escape and source of comfort during challenging times. It's space for my Concha to relax while watching the kids from our neighborhood play in the yard, tea and bbq parties are being held during sunny days.

To evoke happiness and inspiration, I displayed some of my favourite things in the café, It will go through regular changes, but hopefully the welcoming feeling in the café stays the same.

The Princess in the cafe

Maybe who knows, someday you would find yourself enjoying a cup of tea or coffee in my café, while being harassed by my gardening partner. Don't let his size intimidate you, he can only sniff you to death...

Gardening Partner
The gardening partner

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