Scent, Music and Colours of Davao

Candy Tree Dessert Durian Waffle TowerSummertime is icy treat time, I usually go for my halo-halo, or grab myself some bubble tea, but that time I decided to go to Candy Tree Desserta dessert place just a few steps from my place. 

Based on what I've heard, the Durian waffle tower is one of their main attraction, which was also recommended by the lady behind the till, trusting the positive reviews, her advice, and my guts, I said yes to the scrumptious tower of powerful aroma; the description fits my order perfectly as the scent approached my nose first, as my order being delivered on my table, the aroma sent my mind somewhere...

Our brief visit to Davao city has left me and my fiancé with lots of great memories, there are so many of them that I think it deserves a Part 2 in WEGO.

Back In Davao....

Our Davao trip started beautifully on the first night, right after we arrived. Both tired and needing a light meal, we checked the hotel's quiet bistro in the pool lounge hoping to grab a quick bite, as soon after we placed our order, live music started playing to serenade the patrons, being the only couple in the lounge this experience reminded me of the famous Lady and the Tramp spaghetti scene.

Marco Polo Davao  Kinilaw
A serenade and kilawin  
My dear đŸ» ordered a burger and fries, that was his "light" meal --- me, curious about what Marco Polo has to show off with their version, I ordered kinilaw - the Philippine style ceviche.
I could picture it in my mind: raw tuna cubes, marinated in vinegar, lightly flavored with aromatic vegetables, and choice of other various ingredients---depends on the cook. This is my first kinilaw in my Philippine vacation, and Davao is the right place to have them since tuna is one of the city's main products. With a watering mouth, I waited patiently as I enjoyed live music. My kinilaw that night was crowned with fried dried squid - adding crunch to the flavourful tuna.

Marco Polo Davao Breakfast
My breakfast in Café Marco
Marco Polo is located in downtown Davao, we happened to be there during the ASEAN summit and security was strict, but the presence of the military and police force didn’t deter the locals and tourists to go to Davao’s night market, located just stone throw away from the hotel. Every night Roxas Avenue gets alive with lines of food vendors, diners, and tourists. Unfortunately, we were full when we happen to check this very popular local foodie stop. There were plenty of dishes to choose from grilled meats and kinds of seafood, chicharron, refreshments, and desserts.

Philippine street foods / refreshments
Philippine street foods / refreshments

Yema Cakes Stand Davao City

Street food Bbq Davao City

Chicharron on sticks, Philippines

One thing that I also make sure that I would not miss when visiting a new place is to check for any great souvenir places. Good thing that Aldevinco is just adjacent to Marco Polo. 

Aldevinco Shopping Center carries pretty much everything Mindanao souvenirs. Like any other market, one has to use their bargaining skills to get the best deals. Be ready to be greeted with lots of attention from the merchants upon entering Aldevinco. Indulge in the colourful displays from clusters of tight boutiques...doors will be opened as you approach their shops and you will be greeted by their vibrant displays; enter the world of colors:

Bags in Aldevinco


Necklaces display in Aldevinco

If we are not stopping by Palawan at that time, my luggage would be full of shawls as they are my favorite accessories... gotta travel light. 
On the first visit to Aldevinco, I grabbed myself two lovely table clothes and I have been using them regularly whenever I entertain in my home in Canada.

Table cloth from Aldevinco
Table cloth that i bought from Aldevinco
A fruit with a powerful aroma can evoke such pleasant memories; back in Burnaby while savoring the durian waffle I am grateful that have plenty of memories to cherish from my Davao holiday; a place that I once called home.

*Update: Candy Tree Dessert has permanently closed. (∩︵∩)

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