Visiting this cafe was the main highlight of the day; I pictured myself clearly - me in a charming coffee house, admiring my coffee that was designed by a master latte artist!
There's plenty of coffee places around Metro Vancouver that does latte art, but I haven't encountered who does beautiful frothy sculptures, being in Tokyo where's there a handful of cafe that specialized in latte art, it should be an experienced that I shouldn't miss!

You have arrived!
Reissue Cafe is known for its beautiful masterpieces on their coffee, bring a picture or any image in your mind and few extra hundred ¥; the artist will painstakingly turn your cup of joe into a work of art.  Reissue is located on top of another establishment along the quieter street in Harajuku; once inside I was greeted with a very laidback vibe, I would have probably mistaken it as someone's else house if there's no extra tables around. We were still full from our hearty brunch earlier so we decided to pass from their food in their menu, we are looking forward to the latte art.

My dear husband đŸ»ordered to have our baby Concha's photo that we got from his breeder, mine the 3D design - the pink Sugar cubs' character - 'Latte'.

Concha at 3 weeks
Photo credit to Cowboy Up Kennel

Concha on coffee ;)
Unfortunately our orders didn't arrived together, I was hoping that I could get a photo of both orders while the chocolate ink on the froth was still sharp, so pardon my photo of Concha on coffee, the chocolate has (verrry) slightly dispersed. As soon I received the 3D art, I snapped the photo of them side by side right away!

Sugar cubs' Latte and my forever pup Concha

Latte and Concha
Both were beautifully rendered, both tasted great! If I was not pregnant at that time, I would be ordering my second cup of coffee to request for another latte art and for more photos too, I guess sometimes, I can't have too much of the good thing...
They say that having a cup of coffee in a quiet day is one of greatest pleasure in life; having coffee rendered by an artist take this statement to the next level!


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