Slice of Heaven in Higashiya Ginza

Pola BuildingSomewhere in Ginza there is a modest looking building that house the wonderland of tea parlours. The search for this building started off when I wanted to go for a high tea in Tokyo.
Since afternoon tea is mostly a European custom, I began to wonder if there is a distinctly Japanese fashion in enjoying an afternoon tea. I admire how they put so much thought and care to detail of almost every aspect of their lives. Blend this trait with the formal presentation of high tea and the result would surely be a divine experience.  My search led us to the doorsteps of Higashiya Ginza.

Higashiya Ginza pride itself for their traditional Japanese confectioneries (wagashi), and their original tea blends to match their sweet treasures. I am very familiar with few Japanese confectionaries, but it would be a great experience to try other traditional treats aside from mochis.
Based on my research, Higashiya Ginza is the only place in Metropolitan Tokyo that offers Japanese twist on afternoon tea.

As we stepped out of the elevator, their logo on a drape welcomed us. Behind the drapes, everything is arranged elegantly - from the neat displays of the different wagashi, the glass vials display, wooden furniture, the whole interior of the Higashiya Ginza radiates perfection.
Tea Bar

High Tea in Higashiya Ginza
Our wagashi was served on wood and brass-like tray,  The good thing for me, my dear 🐻is not a big fan of fermented vegetables which means more for me to enjoy. We had one of each when it comes to our treats, all of them - superb, but the one that stood out the most was this:


Their natsume-butter (photo above), is a dried date with walnut and fermented butter stuffing. This treat was so rich that is so decadently addicting. On our way out we decided to bring us a few more for ourselves to enjoy and was hoping that we can bring it home to Canada. But alas, the Natsume-butter has a shelf life of four days! It's funny to think that a decadent treat has a way of telling us that there are some things that are meant to be enjoyed in a limited time.
Higashiya Ginza has opened my eyes to other traditional confectionaries of Japan aside from different kinds of mochis. I can see myself wagashi hopping on my next trip!


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