Date in Origo Club

We got married in Richmond, BC;  A city known for its popular night markets and predominantly Asian restaurants. Most of these food joints give you the feel of traveling to Asia in one bite!  Recently I heard about a new French restaurant in Richmond. It also offers afternoon tea - that's something new and romantic!  As Valentine's approached, I suggested to my dear husband that going to an afternoon tea in Richmond would be our Valentine's date. I want to make a tradition to regularly visit the city where we had sworn to be each other's partner-in-crime for the rest of our lives.

Breakfast Tea
I booked ourselves for an Afternoon Tea for two in Origo Club without reading further on what this place has to offer. Let the first experience surprise me!
As we sat on our table, sparkling water was offered. I started to savour the ambiance while looking at their menu to decide which tea should I pair with my meal. Unlike most afternoon places, their tea selection was limited, with no signature tea blend. But one thing that Origo offers with their afternoon tea was pour-over for an additional charge. I was torn between pour-over coffee and breakfast tea; the English breakfast tea won in the end, with the thought of going back for the pour-over experience and champagne on the next visit.

Origo Club Afternoon Tea

Their signature "O" shaped tray was a visual treat itself with or without the sweet and savory treats that garnished it. Its design is my second favorite, next to Higashiya Ginza's wooden tray.


We both took note of everything we ate: about their scones, at first, I was worried that my dear 🐻would not enjoy the chive scone - he is not a fan of anything that's too garlicky. He ate his share of scones with no qualms at all. We both agreed that our favorite piece was the duck breast (Canard et Poire Pochée au Thym - seared duck breast, thyme poached pear). On the dessert side - the Matcha tart (Tartelette au Fromage Blanc et Matcha) is the one I enjoyed the most.

A row of savoury tidbits

Sweets on the top tier

During our stay in Origo Club, an entrance to another quarter with interesting displays caught my attention; upon reading later, I found out it's an art gallery that can be viewed by appointment only. Perhaps a peek in Origo's art gallery will happen in the future after a glass of Barons de Rothschild Champagne Brut.
It's nice to be back romancing in Richmond!

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  1. The O-shaped tray is so unique, I've never seen anything like that before. It presents everything in an interesting and visually appealing way!


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