The Only 'Bill(s)' That Made Me Smile

Ricotta Hotcakes with fresh banana and honeycomb butter

Metro Vancouver has several names to boast of when it comes to a great brunch; I have been to several of them that my Instagram account has been a testament to my brunch adventures.
One morning, during our second trip to Tokyo, I suggested to my dear husband that we should check what Tokyo brunch scene has to offer; the baby inside seems to want to try a Tokyo brunch experience.

I seemed to noticed that fluffy pancakes are very popular in Japan, so I decided to try to find out what these fluffy pancakes are all about.
Based on my research, this place was dubbed "Best breakfast" by few write-ups on the web; good thing this Sydney-based restaurant chose Tokyo as one of the first cities outside Australia for Bill's international branch. We were planning to visit Reissue Cafe on that day and found out that Bills is just 5 minutes walk from it.

On the way to Bills
Located at the Seventh floor of Tokyu Tower, a short line up had already started to build up by the time we arrived. Not wanting to risk losing our spot, we decided to stay and 15 minutes later our table is ready. I checked the menu to see what else to try but my mind is made up. I came here for their ricotta hotcakes and ordered the herbed garlic mushroom for the side dish.
The pancakes look like flat yellow, pillowy marshmallows on top of the sliced banana. Can't help staring at them, it's nicely plated that I didn't want to eat it right away but my tummy is telling me otherwise. It would've been nice if I am enjoying my latte with a cool 3D design on it!

Pinch me! Pinch me!

Bills' airy interior is very inviting, it's busy without too much of the bustling energy. It would be nice to stay a little bit longer but there's so much exploring of Harajuku area to do, and the queue outside is getting longer. Time to let others have a taste of paradise ♡〜٩( ˃́▿˂̀ )۶〜♡


I finally found the 'Bill(s)' that makes me smile. Next destination...time to have my latte art.

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